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New Name New Home!

Revanon72, Dec 6, 11 6:05 PM.
  Greetings All!  With the upcoming release of Star Wars The Old Republic we will be moving over to a new web site along with a new name.  Our new guild name for The Old Republic will be The Last Alliance a republic faction guild or Shattered Alliances for those who want to play a empire faction character.  The Illuminati kinship name on Lotro will remain in place.  The reason for the changes are three fold.  First this site can not support more then 1 game.  Second the new site comes with a 10 slot Mumble voice server and it is actually cheaper per month then this site.  Thirdly with a new game comes fresh beginings and new friends and our new guild name reflects that. 
  I encourage all guild members to check out the new site and register so that you can access all the cool new features the site has to offer as well as a load of SW game info. 
Thanks Rev
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